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More About Us

Our Latest Projects.

Find below our latest projects. In this way, you can get a sense of the experience we have with the different industries and the different SAP functionalities.

Each industry has its own demands, special focus and own way of working. The key ingredient of succes is listening to the real requirements of the customer, understanding their business process and envisioning together ways of improving.

Also during this process never losing sight of the required change management. So in short, making the customer part of the change by being a real part of the process.

Who Are We.

We are a young and dynamic consulting firm, full of enthousiastic SAP certified young professionals. We pride ourselves in the work we do, and we all have the same motivation: continuous improvement!

Our Process.

We as a team sit together with the customer and listen carefully to their views for their business. We will try to come to a synthesis through the process of these and anti-these. We will add our experience with other customers to the mix. Above the expectations, we will envision together what other improvements we can realize on the project. We will make sure that the right person in on the right position for the project.

Our Approach.

We will take the full picture into account. We will make sure that technical and functional is mixed together as a great cocktail should be, nicely balanced. Change management is also key in all our projects. We make sure the business is closely involved in the project, which is an important ingredient for success.

Our Goal.

Our end goal is a happy customer, that no longer sees us as 'external consultants' but rather one of them. We make sure that during the process, the customer feels our involvement and motivation in reaching the finish line together as a team. So in short: our end-goal is a happy customer which has ended up with more improvements then they initially envisioned at the start of the project with us.

Our Mission.

We keep improving ourselves both as consultants as on a personal level. We follow strongly the concept of homo universalis which is inspired on Leon Battista Alberti, who stated "a (wo)man can do all things if (s)he will". In this sense, we want to embody in our personal and professional life the concept of the Renaissance Humanism, which one can also find in Aristoteles and Leonardo da Vinci.

Meet Us.

Vicky Palmans

Founder & Business Manager

Cheerful, slightly eccentric, spontaneous person focused on self-knowledge, continuously focused on improving herself and her knowledge level. She is authentic, honest and direct. She operate best in more complex situations where there is a need for both technical and business understanding. To make these kind of settings work best, is her strong analytical and critical thinking together with her solid problem solving skills.

Nils Gerritsen Plaggert

Sap FICO Consultant

His preference for self-improvement transforms him into a permanent student. He has a strong belief in the concept of homo universales and adheres by it. With a strong will and goal oriented, he will achieve every task he set his mind to. He is sometimes a bit too much a perfectionist, which can hinder his speed. He compensates this largly if not completely with his drive and passion. His good communication skills makes him work extremely well in teams. he is known as the motivator and the keeper of good spirits. He likes to push his limits as to improve himself more quickly. He loves problem solving and he will thrive in complex situations. He also loves helping people around him.

Sirinan Suphan

SAP FICO Consultant

Sirin is very social, loves working in teams, and always loves keeping the teamspirit high. She excels in organization and detailed secure tasks. Sirin is patient, efficient and hardworking. She is highly dedicated to her work and co-workers. She is highly motivated, and once she sets her mind to a task, this will get done. In short: Sirin has strong practical skills, a strong sense of duty and is extremely loyal. On a personal note she is sensitive and warm, and will always offer a helping hand. In this respect, she is good at connecting with others.

Patrick Schrooten

Sap Project Manager & SAP FICO Consultant

He is a quick learner and eager to keep his brain fluids flowing. Assertive and kind leader. With his strong communication skills, he can negotiate most sensitive cases. He can be very diplomatic when necessary, without losing track of the goals that need to be reached. Creative, innovative and “Out of the box” thinker are some of his many qualities.


Customers and colleagues that worked with me gave their personal insight, which I would like to share.

William Madden

OpenText Technical Consultant and Business Process Analyst

I am fortunate to have worked with Vicky during a customization of the AB Inbev invoice processing system. At a functional level, Vicky knows the business process well. She has a strong sense of "where we are" and "where we want to be" during the project process. Vicky also knows her team well, which is vital and can also be difficult when you are working with members from across countries. During our project she knew exactly which technical questions to refer to me and which to refer elsewhere; she also took the extra time to ensure that all relevant parties had information which they could need. I would recommend Vicky for any financials related project going forward.

Michael White

Treasury Manager at INEOS Grangemouth

As Ineos SEPA project manager, I worked closely with Vicky, who acted as lead SAP consultant for a large SEPA migration project for a multi country business. She was extremely professional throughout and was very focused in fully understanding client requirements and then utilising her expert SAP knowledge to provide optimum SAP configuration and processes. She is also very personable and displayed a great attitude and committed approach during all stages of the project. I would very highly recommend her excellent SAP expertise and her incredible commitment and dedication.

Connie Czirok

ERP IT Manager at petroineos

Vicky, apart from being personable, trusted and well liked by my client business & IT community alike, is extremely knowledgeable in SAP Financials configuration, understands, digests and develops solid solutions to business requirements, nothing is too much trouble. She continually strives for customer satisfaction in her work. As a client we have already reserved her as a resource for a future project in this area of SAP.

Jurgen De Dobbeleer

Program Manager at bpost

I've been working with Vicky on a SEPA implementation project for one of the world's largest companies... Next to a solid knowledge of SEPA, Vicky has an incredibly in-depth understanding of SAP, which she readily makes available to or shares with others... Blessed with a sense of creativity, and the ability and the guts to ask pertinent questions, she should without a doubt be considered, and chosen, for any kind of project!

Bart De Vrieze

Manager bij Delaware Consulting

Vicky is a very pleasant person to work with. She knows very well what she is doing and where she wants to go. Vicky is very stress-resistant and is a real go-getter. In difficult circumstances, she always manages to remain calm and she continues to work at a high level. (own translation from Dutch)

Eize Zoer

SAP FICO Consultant at EZ-Consult

Vicky is a highly skilled professional with a great analytical approach. She’s always willing to help and to share her knowledge. Highly recommended.

Vyacheslav Kontarev

FI/CO Stream Lead at Detsky Mir

I worked with Vicky together on SEPA implementation project. Vicky shown great expertise and knowledge of customizing and developments to be done in SAP system together with implementation of smooth go live strategy. It was great to work together!

Erick Martins

SAP FI Consultant at Modine Manufacturing Company

Vicky is a great professional with a lot of knowledge, she helped me with some Belgian Bank issues while I was working for Citrosuco. She have a great blend of financial and leadership, that makes her a great professional in SAP world. I hope to work with her again.

What about you?

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